Thank you for taking interest in the FREE SPEECH* special!


Why am i doing this?

1. I love what I do!

2. I need quality footage!


For this special I will 100% waive the speaking fee and cover all of my meals!








 For all offer details see below





*The FREE SPEECH special offers a $0 fee for the speaking.

Client obligation:

      • Round trip flight
      • Transportation to and from the event
      • Lodging if applicable
      • High quality footage of the speech from two different angles
      • At least 300 attendees***

Offer only good on Wednesdays** from 10/1/12-1/1/13. Offer may be terminated at any time without notice. Speech events may be declined as deemed necessary by Clayton.

**Tuesday evening and Thursday morning may be a possibility depending on available flight and transportation.

***Depending on the situation and venue, this is a very flexible requirement.